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A Seeker's Slumber

Cheryl's second new age album, a followup to the award-winning and chart-topping "Luminary", was released July 23rd, 2021 to beautiful reviews, press, and again, hitting #1 on global Amazon, iTunes, and Bandcamp sales charts for weeks on end. Take a listen below and dig in!

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When you purchase my newest New Age record, you're doing a couple of really great things:

  • You're supporting an artist actively committed to social justice, equity, and inclusion.
  • You're helping make a seventeen-year dream come true (read on).
  • And... you're helping an entire genre of music. Did you know that the majority of recognized New Age artists are men?  For example, SiriusXM's New Age playlist only plays between one and three women artists for every *25* songs it spins. Your purchases and streams make a huge dent in shifting this.

We've got work to do, and I cannot tell you how happy I am you're here! 

xo, Cheryl

Let’s get to it!


I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember. It wasn't always New Age (or was it???) - but I've hung out in the film score, pop, and choral genres.

Now I'm writing music that is helping ground, center, relax, and empower while mentoring other independent musicians as well in my mastermind AMPLIFY.

Like I mentioned above, I'm playing a big game with this album. (Hint: it rhymes with Hammy.)

You can help this indie artist by ordering A Seeker's Slumber, sharing this page with your friends, and just streaming the music on repeat (yep, while you sleep!). Make sure you're on the list to keep in touch (scroll down!) and I promise to keep things interesting! 

More about me

"Creating music, for me, is about three things: the intention, the process, and the impact. 

If I am bringing clarity of vision and the energy of partnership, creativity, and self-expression to every project, the result will be a good amount of joy and peace."


Cheryl B. Engelhardt

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