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Hi there! I do hope, with all my little emerald dreamy heart (a hint to future song title!) you consider subscribing to The CBE Seeker Membership. We're seeking a GRAMMY® as the next big milestone over here in CBE musicland and we can do it together with the new album, A Seeker's Slumber!! 


Cheryl B. Engelhardt

The Tiers

Each tier provides access to the membership (scroll down to read about them). The difference is the thank you gift you'll receive from me later in the year. :)
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What's Inside

Your monthly support will help get my 6th and newest record, A Seeker's Slumber to the top of charts and to the GRAMMY® stage. Choose a subscription tier on the right to gain access to rewards such as:

  • Early access to new songs and the album itself
  • VERY secret and seclusive behind-the-scenes stuff
  • Access to full catalog (streams)
  • Discounts on merch (I'm making merch!!!)
  • Monthly video hangouts

Thank you so much for supporting this music. I truly appreciate it!

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