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A singer-songwriter who also knows her way around a film score, a Broadway musical, or a New Age mindfulness record? 

Classically-trained pianist-turned jingle composer-turned touring rock chick- turned advocate for independent musicians, Cheryl B. Engelhardt harnesses a traditional scoring education (thanks, Cornell & Juilliard) and songwriting sensibilities (thanks, bandmates), with a side of intricately lush harmonies (thanks acapella & choral groups).

Playful on the piano and a magician with vocals, the New Yorker blends poignant melodies with pop production, and technical proficiency with clever yet soul-touching lyricism. Cheryl is known for her love for partnering with, listening to, and enhancing whatever story she can get her hands on, whether a documentary on eco-tourism, a comedy series, a song collaboration or a commercial for dog food.

Her 2020 solo-piano/ambient album "Luminary"  hit #1 on Amazon and iTunes New Age charts. It was designed to combat anxiety and provide energetic peace and focus, composed and produced in a studio in a half-abandoned mountain town in Greece.

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